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Designing solar power systems and giving customized quotes has never been easier.

Sales Engine enables you to create bankable project designs and proposals with unlimited revisions, all in just a few quick clicks.With solarVis, you'll have the tools to streamline your operations, from managing customer relationships to crafting tailored quotes, making your solar business more efficient and successful.

Sales Engine

Designing solar power systems and giving customized quotes has never been easier.

Create bankable project designs and proposals with unlimited revisions in a few quick clicks.

The Gamechanger is Here

The solarVis Sales Engine features...

solarVis Sales Engine 3D Roof Drawing Feature

3D roof design and panel placement.

Visually design solar power plants while optimizing energy production using our roof design and panel placement tool. Our tool will ensure that your customers make the most out of the sunlight they get.

solarVis Sales Engine Bill of Materials and Material Database Feature

Always up-to-date database of BOM items.

We keep track of the latest releases of solar components and allow you to base your project designs and panel placements based on the components you choose.

solarVis Sales Engine Organization Management Feature

Dealership and technical team management.

Effortlessly manage your dealerships and technical teams with solarVis. Our platform simplifies the process, streamlining operations and communication. Stay in control, build efficient teams, and drive your solar projects forward.

solarVis Sales Engine Financial Overview and Analysis Feature

Financial projections and analysis.

solarVis equips you with powerful financial tools. Quickly generate accurate financial projections and conduct in-depth analysis. Make informed decisions, maximize profitability, and ensure the financial success of your solar projects.

solarVis Sales Engine Overview Screen Feature

Overview your actions and reports.

Access to your most important results, reports, and numbers via the customizable overview screen.

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Unlock the Power of Solar Financing

Provide your customers with easy access to solar energy loans through our partner banks.

No need for a loan? No problem. We offer a virtual point-of-sale system so your customers can pay via credit card.

*currently available in selected markets.

Insurance Module

Worried about natural disasters or faulty panels? We’ve got you covered.

We’re working with some of the world’s leading insurance companies to provide two types of insurance on our platform: Construction All Risk and Operational.

Construction All Risk (CAR)

The solar power installation phase comes with its fair share of risks during the construction phase. These risks can include - implementation errors, theft, vandalism, short circuits, fires, storms, water damage, subsidence, cracks, or even accidents like dropping solar modules. The purpose of a CAR insurance policy is to provide comprehensive coverage for all project stakeholders, regardless of the nature of property damage or the party responsible for it.

solarVis offers access to instant CAR quotes for residential, commercial and industrial projects in select markets.

Coming Soon: Operational

While generally the safest form of energy around, solar power plants entail some operational risk as well. Whether it’s faulty panels, hailstorm damage or even a particularly cloudy year, operational insurance covers any losses you may incur after your solar power plant is up and running. With operational insurance, you’ll be guaranteed the quoted amount of output and rest easy knowing that your solar power plant’s performance is covered.

solarVis will offer access to operational risk quotes for residential projects in select markets.

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solarVis, your all-in-one solar solution.

All-in-One Solar Platform

We provide an integrated platform that covers the entire solar value chain.


We offer white label solutions, allowing you to use your own branding and build trust and credibility with your customers.


Whether you're doing thousands of projects a year or just getting started, we have a solution for you.

User-Friendly Design

Our intuitive design and interface makes solarVis accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.


Our modules can easily be integrated to work with your existing ERP or CRM system.

Cutting Edge Features

We constantly add new features into our products, ensuring you can provide the best experience for your customers.

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