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Transform your website visitors into loyal customers.

We have developed a cutting-edge solution to enhance your customer acquisition process. With our module, you can seamlessly create a steady stream of high-quality leads with minimal effort.

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Lead Generator

Turn browsers into buyers with our Lead Generator.

Streamline your customer acquisition process and generate high-quality leads effortlessly.

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A User's Perspective

How the Lead Generator works

Address Selection

Users input an address which are turned into coordinates through google maps. This helps us figure out how much sunlight the location receives.

solarVis Lead Generator Address Selection Screen

Roof Drawing

Users mark the installation area on the google maps image, we calculate the area of the installation.

solarVis Lead Generator Roof Measurements Screen

Billing and Facility Information

Users have the option of filling in a detailed electricity consumption profile to get an accurate assessment of their energy consumption.

solarVis Lead Generator Billing and Facility Information Screen

Contact Information

Users leave their contact info, officially becoming leads. They can later return to view their proposals through SMS verification.

solarVis Lead Generator Contact Information Screen

Summarized Results and Pre-Feasibility

Users get a customized, bankable pre-feasibility report with your branding.

solarVis Lead Generator Final Screen
Admin Panel

Stay organized and customer-centric with our Admin Panel.

Create bankable project designs and proposals with unlimited revisions in a few quick clicks.

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solarVis Admin Panel Overview Screen

Funnel Management

See all of the leads generated through your website and separate them based on their stage in the sales funnel.

solarVis Admin Panel Project Information Screen

Project Details

Find all the data you need about any given project lead, all in one place.

solarVis Admin Panel Central Configuration Screen

Subcontractor Management

Send exploration requests and assign tasks to your team members and subcontractors in a few easy clicks.

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empowering solar, simplifying energy

solarVis, your all-in-one solar solution.

All-in-One Solar Platform

We provide an integrated platform that covers the entire solar value chain.


We offer white label solutions, allowing you to use your own branding and build trust and credibility with your customers.


Whether you're doing thousands of projects a year or just getting started, we have a solution for you.

User-Friendly Design

Our intuitive design and interface makes solarVis accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.


Our modules can easily be integrated to work with your existing ERP or CRM system.

Cutting Edge Features

We constantly add new features into our products, ensuring you can provide the best experience for your customers.

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Empower your solar business with a boost.

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